Transparency Report

Last Updated: The 17th of March, 2022.

We’re open about what we do, so you can make good decisions about your privacy and security.



Values are in United States dollars unless specified otherwise. We keep the lights on by paying our bills with crypto-currency wherever possible.

Donations received: $50.00

Operating costs

Last Updated: The 17th of March, 2022.

  • Server
    • $24.00/month.
    • Current balance: $36.00
    • Magaya will upgrade our servers in line with actual and forecasted demand.
  • Emails
    • $3.00/month
    • Current balance: $N/A - Paid monthly automatically.
  • Other
    • Many hours/month.

The software and services that make Magaya tick

All of the software Magaya uses is free and open source. If you can, please support these amazing projects!

  • Our Matrix instance is deployed using the open source Ansible and Docker project and is hosted in Sydney, on
  • Your data exchanged via the Matrix instance is end-to-end encrypted – we cannot read or spy on your conversations, photos, videos, attachments, and anything else sent via Matrix. Your data is stored on our servers encrypted. No one could read it without your private keys.
  • The Element and Cinny Matrix clients.
  • If you contact us via Email, we use
    • We currently utilise as an SMTP relay service. This is used strictly to serve registration emails if you choose to attach one to your account. We will look into converting this service over to ProtonMail for improved privacy and security at a later date.
  • This website is built using Hugo, and the Doks theme.

Magaya and your data

  • No one, including Magaya - except for those you communicate with - can read your messages, listen to your conversations, look at your attachments or contact lists, or spy on your private lives. This means that you can communicate with your closest friends and family, discuss important business matters, or collaborate anywhere in the world without fear of being spied on, or having your private matters leaked into the world.
  • The sole Administrator of has access to the IP address that you last used to connect to our servers. We have configured this data to be automatically removed within 48 hours of it being logged. This allows Magaya to prevent or stop abuse of our service within a prompt time frame.
  • If you choose to attach an email to your account, this email will be stored on our servers. However, we will never ever use this email for anything, other than the original contact email to verify your ownership.
  • We like biscuits as much as the next person. However, there are no cookies, advertisements, or tracking of any kind on Magaya’s services.
  • You have the right to be forgotten, so you can ask to have your account deleted from our service. You can do this in the web app, in Element itself, or you can contact us directly to request your data to be deleted.

Todo List

This is our public todo list.

  • Finalise and publish version 1 of the Spoken Glossary
  • Write Privacy policy
  • Write Transparency report
    • Outline MailerSend usage for registrations
    • Secure communication and data
    • Admin access to last used IP address and email
    • Right to be forgotten
    • Software we use
  • Fix email confirmation re-directs for browser sign-ups.
  • Replace MailerSend SMTP relay with ProtonMail.

❤️ Donations

We have a public list of donations from our lovely community members.