Terms of Use

Last Updated: The 30th of January, 2022.

If any user is found to be in breach of our terms, they will be removed from our instance immediately without warning, notice, or a good bye.

Please report any abuse of these terms if you witness them as soon as possible!

TLDR: You must be a legal adult. We value free speech. You should be respectful in public. We are a community. Engage in respectful debate, not hateful rhetoric.

A quick word

We understand that in certain contexts, breach of these terms cannot be avoided. For example, victims of abuse, whistle blowers, political asylum seekers, human rights organisations, and so on, may be in a position where breach of these terms is a necessity.

Therefore, Magaya reserves the right to void breaches of these terms in cases where it is deemed an absolute necessity or is otherwise unavoidable.

If you are in a position where this is the case, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will work with you to the best of our ability.

P.S.: Magaya remains neutral on all of the decisions we make. Magaya will never ever take sides for our own benefit or yours.

Our Terms

You must 18 years old to use the Magaya service. For families looking to utilise the Matrix network, please get in touch.

You are responsible for your account.

You must never use Magaya’s services to:

  1. Incite – and or direct – violence and or hatred towards any person, group of persons, business, or businesses;
  2. Distribute, view, or otherwise make any user aware of, illegal material(s);
  3. Engage in spamming or advertising;
  4. Evade bans and or restrictions of other Matrix instances;
  5. To “raid,” or engage in mass attacks with negative intentions, on any users, rooms, or instances;
  6. To stalk any users;
  7. To release or share “dox” – or any peron’s private information – with negative intentions and without express consent of the person whom the private information relates.
  8. To engage in activities which are considered illegal in Australia, or your resident country.

You are responsible for every room that you create. Any room listed on Magaya’s public list is required to be moderated in accordance to these terms and our privacy policy.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions.