Answers to questions asked frequently.

Why are you doing this?

Our goal is to connect the community securely and privately, and to educate every person along the way.

In short, we are passionate about human rights. Using education, we want everyone to have the ability to effectively exercise their rights.

The long version is here.

How can I trust you?

If you are practicing good operational security (OPSEC), you shouldn’t. This is one reason why encryption is so important. Ultimately, if you have followed our guides, and are using end-to-end encryption for your communications, you don’t have to trust us: we can’t access any of that data anyway.

We also try and be as open as possible so you can make better decisions about the services you decide to use.

Do you have any rules?

Yes we do! Please see our terms of use.

How do I report abuse?

If you witness abuse of our services, or by users of our services, please let us know as soon as possible by:

Thank you for helping keep our community, and the Matrix network safer!

Why do you have open sign-ups?

The reason we require no email to use our service is because we value your privacy over the possible effort of combatting abuse from bots and the like. In order to mitigate such abuse and protect our users, we work with the community to share ban lists so we can stay on top of malicious networks and operators.

If open sign-ups becomes a seriously unmanageable issue in the future, this may change. But we will try every other avenue of mitigating abuse before this changes. Such a change would not come lightly, and not without notifying the community first.

Mitigating bots? You don’t even use CAPCHA codes!

Once hCaptcha is supported by Matrix and Synapse, we will integrate this into the signup process. We refuse to use reCAPTCHA as it does not respect the privacy of our users.

I’m a victim / whistle blower / political asylum seeker / activist / etc, please help me!

If you’re a victim of oppression; seeking to exercise political change; wanting to out an evil employers bad practices; to escape an abusive relationship; and so on, you may be worried about breaking some of our terms of use. Rest assured that we understand, and want nothing more than to help wherever we can.

Please contact Sam directly either:

I lost access to my account! What can I do?

If you attached an email to your account and or set up a back up of your security keys, you are able to recover your account. Otherwise, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s gone forever.

Gone forever

If you lose access to your account, we will not restore access to it. Period. End of.

If we allowed this, it could compromise the privacy and security of our users. If you did not set up a recovery method, please do not contact us requesting us to restore your account.

I have an idea / contribution, are you interested?

Absolutely we are! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!