About us

Magaya has been literally translated as “peace, no trouble, cessation of hostilities” - Magayamirr.com

Magaya is both a Matrix instance and an educational service. Our goal is to connect the community securely and privately, and to educate every person along the way.

The Matrix network is the secure, private, open source, decentralised backbone which also provides for long-term reliability and usage as a result of such features. Magaya’s mission is not only to bridge the knowledge gap between Matrix and the end users, but also to fill a gap that the community has left.

Privacy and security is very important, and knowledge about the subjects surrounding them only enhances a user’s ability to preserve them. Plain and simple guides can provide understandings of technical terms, software, and services, that the privacy and security communities suggest regularly.

We aren’t saying that these communities have failed in any way. Quite the opposite is true. What we are saying is that it’s quite typical to recommend software or services, and it’s just as easy to perceive such suggestions as a “band-aid solution” to privacy and security concerns in the digital world.

Since these concerns are ever increasing, there’s no better time to start filling this gap than now, by utilising the power of community, free knowledge, and caffeine.

Magaya.org was started as a passion project by Sam Smith on Thursday, the 11th of January, 2022.

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