Get informed about privacy and security, and start communicating using the Magaya Matrix instance and Element!


Welcome to Magaya! And thank you for stopping by. If you’re new to Matrix and Element you should keep reading on through our brief guide to get you started.

The Magaya Manual has been written with beginners in mind. Our Manual will guide you through the entire process from choosing a Matrix client, registering an account, through to starting your own community.

To compliment the Manual, The Spoken Glossary is a simple but powerful document designed for understanding encryption, decentralisation, Matrix, federation, building a web of trust, operational security, and more. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the technologies and methodologies involved with your privacy and security so you can make more informed decisions in the digital world. Knowledge is power!

If you just want to get started, see our quick start guide.

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Just quickly

Our goal is to connect the community securely and privately, and to educate every person along the way.

We strongly believe in our shared right to privacy which is why provides a free-to-use Matrix instance for everyone to communicate on.

But we feel that it’s just as important to be well informed about what you’re doing when it comes to privacy, security, and encryption. So we spend a lot of time writing guides that everyone can understand.

The privacy of our lives is important. It’s the same reason we have curtains on the windows of our homes. While it’s easy to shut a door, or whisper quietely to keep a conversation private, it’s not so easy to do the same with our digital lives.

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Alright, let’s find out what you’re going to need to start using the Magaya Matrix instance. It’s not difficult – we promise!

Open up the Magaya Manual to get started.