A Real Quick Start

A barebones manual for using the Magaya Matrix instance.

Before you continue, you should make yourself aware of our Privacy Policy, Transparency Report, and Terms of Use.

  1. Open up your Matrix client.
  2. Register an account on our homeserver matrix.magaya.org.
    • Save your password somewhere safe! Lost accounts are gone forever!
  3. You’re all done!
  4. Enter an email for account recovery (Optional).
    1. Open Settings → General→ Email addresses, and enter your email.
    2. Check your inbox; you will receive a verification link to follow and complete the process.
  5. Create a secure back up of your encryption keys (Optional, Highly Recommended).
    1. Open Settings → Security & Privacy → Secure Backup
    2. Click Set up
    3. Select your preferred method of back up
      • Save your Security Key (and passphrase if you used one) somewhere safe! Lost accounts are gone forever!

💡   New to Matrix and Element and feeling a bit overwhelmed? No worries! See the Magaya Manual!