"A state of peace, freedom from hostilities, and true justice for all."

An Australian based Matrix instance for you to communicate and collaborate with friends, family, and colleagues. All while maintaining your privacy and security.

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Are you new to Matrix and Element? Please see our guide!


Element is an app that works on the Matrix network. It provides secure and private messaging, voice and video calling. It also has voice messages, Spotify and YouTube integration, and Spaces and Rooms to start your own communities - or connect with others! Element works in your browser, on Linux, your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android phone.


The Matrix network is open source, decentralised, and end-to-end encrypted with modern cryptography. So all of your conversations, video calls, and attachments remain private. And it's nearly impossible to shutdown a decentralised network: we the community are in control.

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Magaya is a completely free service dedicated to the Australian public, and open for everyone. We're fuelled by a passion for human rights, education, conversation, and free and open source software. See our promise to you to know more.

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People First

All of our guides are easy to understand and follow, so there is little-to-no technical barrier in getting started. Our goal is to give you the means to preserve your rights, and understand what you're doing. Leaving you with the peace of mind to communicate freely.


Trust goes both ways. So we maintain a transparency report to keep you informed on all things Magaya. Real time service updates are also available, and posted on our blog. Accounting and donations are also made public unless requested to be anonymous.

Australian Based

Hosted in Sydney to allow low latency chatting from both sides of the Nullarbor. This means you can use our service like any other messenging app. The difference is that we, and no one else, has (or will have) access to any of your encrypted conversations.