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52A Hristo Smirnenski., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

5 min walking from Vasil Levski Metro station


+359 88 9246606 Amrita


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Yoga Studio in Sofia: Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, Meditation, Pilates, Reiki, Qi Gong, and Various Massages!

With the onset of Fall, a new space for personal development emerged in the heart of Sofia - MAGAYA – Center for Yoga and Practices for enhancement of Body, Mind and Soul, a new home for all seeking harmony, happiness and a wholesome and meaningful life. A place to relax, exchange ideas, socialize, meet friends, and explore the world and oneself.

The idea for MAGAYA was born in the summer of 2009, when an influx of intertwined events and notions abounded and the circle of people with akin and complement interests enlarged.  We perceived a necessity for a place where to exchange and share knowledge and experience, to develop and seek answers and their questions, to find inspiration and to charge with energy.

Today, this place we sought, is MAGAYA.  Here you shall find authentic and enriching ambiance imbued with the temperament and colour of India, various and supplement practices, experienced masters, interesting company and new friends, an oasis of restfulness and discard of the city's hurried pace. 

My name is Hristo and I founded MAGAYA to become the legacy of my ponderings and notions on the calling of the contemporary individual in a fastly transforming world.  I have been searching for and finding paths towards the true nature of man, micro- and macrocosmos through books, practices and experience over many years now.  I practice yoga since 2003 and for a while did it with the help of self-guides and related literature.  I have been gathering experience and knowledge from different teachers from Bulgaria and abroad since 2007.  The Center came to being with the support of my family and the priceless help from many close friends who are now part of our Team.

Here in MAGAYA we believe that all people are both pupils and teachers, come to Earth to perfect and develop themselves into beautiful, harmonic, strong, wise and good Warriors of Light.